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Create HTML Date and Time pop up menus from your Perl CGI scripts

When a scope of work requires that a date and time be assigned to a record that 
can be edited, the database designer and programmer must consider how to request
the information from the user in a way that can be accurately translated into 
and out of the database.  To achieve this accuracy it is desirable to limit the
order and numbers and letters representing date and time in the interface to match
exactly the field data type defined by the database.

Clearly pop up menus minimize free form entry of data, however they must
be generated sensibly for the application.  For example a list of future events
would require dates in the pop up menu to be future dates from now.  So
years would be listed: this year, next & next and so on out an appropriate
number of years.  A similar argument applies to news, with the years going
back in time.  In some cases it's nice to have the date default to something.
Today's date for example might be used in a search for all news before

The required arguments to Datimenu are the DATE_TIME_TYPE, SELECTED_

The result is a pop up HTML tag that is returned as a scalar, for you to embed
in you web page.  The pop up tag could be embedded either by using a template
module or by server side includes.


Page Modified 11/25/02